Connected Industry– the change has begun

What is our “FUTURE”
How can Industry be connected?

The  fourth industrial revolution makes production faster, more efficient and more flexible through smart, connected systems along the entire value chain. Man and machine communicate in new dimensions.

As a  user we know the challenges – as a  supplier we offer products for the implementation.


(1) Mechanical Engineering

Give the function of IoT connection and the function for linking to analysis to various machines and aim for standardization of software changing method etc. The idea is to equip the equipment itself with functions based on the concept of IoT and big data as standard.

(2) Industrial Big Data

At the same time as managing all assets, we collect data and make analysis result / predicted result feed back to action. We will extract actual equipment information and environmental information as data, analyze it, optimize and improve efficiency, and accumulate data for more accurate analysis and analysis.

(3) Virtual Engineering / Simuration Engineering

We will make it possible to organically connect equipment, data, and people by applying ease of use realized for consumers with Virtual Engineering. also in the fields of control, analysis and prediction. We will also utilize advanced user interface with them.


IT/Software Engineering

Software Designing / Project Management / SAP Development / Virtual Simulation Artificial Intelligence Leaning.

Automotive Engineering

NTV L / O design / Full automatic moving rack / Interior and exterior design Body panel parts (modeling) / Interior (modeling)
Pipeline design / Design of oil pan board / Vehicle design design G
Door design platform information / Collision analysis
Vehicle research / Sound vibration analysis / Route design of water / fuel piping Layout design of fuel system / Engine parts design

Aeronautical Engineering

Flight dynamics / Full Flight Simulations / Mechanical Designing, Certifications/ Flight Controls Structural Analysis / Interior Designing / Drawing Process Automation / Configuration management / Process Management